Decluttering makes our homes safer

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Decluttering is crucial for creating a safer and more manageable home environment, especially for seniors who are either aging in place or downsizing. Taking it step by step, focusing on one section of one room at a time, is a practical approach. Decide what to do with excess items (donate, give away, discard) and consider minimizing sentimental collections to one item.

For seniors, letting go of belongings they're attached to can be challenging. Professional organizers like Vickie Dellaquila suggest strategies like minimizing storage space for sentimental items, encouraging re-gifting, or converting items into usable formats like DVDs or quilts.

Here are some key reasons why seniors may struggle with decluttering:

Sentimental Attachment: Minimize storage space for sentimental items.
Sense of Loyalty: Encourage re-gifting to pass items forward.
Need to Conserve: Donate usable items to charitable organizations.
Fatigue: Manage clutter by switching to online statements, unsubscribing from mail lists, and using a shredder.
Change in Health: Seek help from family or professional services like
Fear: Remove items gradually to ease anxiety about change.
Dream of the Future: Store unused items and donate if not needed within an agreed time.
Love of Shopping: Address shopping addiction through open communication and seeking professional help if needed.
History and Memories: Keep meaningful items but consider sharing or donating those with historical significance.
Loneliness: Combat loneliness with outside activities, frequent visits from family and friends, or engaging a professional organizer.
These strategies can help navigate the emotional and practical challenges of decluttering for seniors and create a safer, more enjoyable living space.